avocado A wearable that cares.

Why We Do It


     The Wearable Technology industry is predicted to generate 53 billion in hardware revenue by 2019, with roughly​ 1 in 5 Americans already using a wearable device. Current players in the industry allow users to monitor health by tracking physical activity. However, physical activity isn’t the only contributor to health; in fact, overall health is largely impacted by emotional health. As of 2016, 90% of doctor visits have been caused by stress-related illnesses. In a billion-dollar industry, there is a clear need for a product that understands the important role of mental health in overall physical well-being.

     We're addressing this huge industry oversight with AvoCado, a hardware/software system that tracks both physical activity and mental health. Cado, the wearable device, tracks physical activity and heart rate. These metrics are then sent to Avo , the companion software application. Avo uniquely tracks emotional health through the user’s generated online data (social media feeds, emails, calendar, etc.) to perform textual sentiment analysis on. Coupling the results with received physical data indicative of stress (irregular heartbeat), Avo is able to pinpoint, analyze and predict stressful events.